Adi lab investigation photosynthesis

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Adi lab investigation photosynthesis

Webb - Senior Partner Dr. Webb obtained her B. Ruth Arnon and Michael Sela, her Ph. Edelman were followed by an appointment as tenure track senior scientist at the Weizmann Institute of Science in the Department of Hormone Research.

Webb has published over thirty original research papers, presented lecture courses and supervised graduate students as well as clinicians undertaking research projects. During her academic appointment Dr. After ten years at the Weizmann Institute, Dr. Webb switched to a career in the biotechnology industry, where Adi lab investigation photosynthesis worked first at Biotechnology General Ltd.

Later she trained as in-house patent attorney at Pharmos Inc. Webb specializes in patentability evaluations, due diligence for investors, and freedom to operate opinions in view of third party patents.

Kerner holds a B. Kerner has vast administrative management experience.

Adi lab investigation photosynthesis

Hornik obtained her B. Her thesis research focused on design and screening of peptide libraries in search of TNF binding ligands. Rehovot at the Immunochemistry Research and Development Department, four years as a senior scientist and a group leader and project manager at Peptor Ltd.

Rehovot and four years at Peptor Ltd. Hornik is a Registered Patent Attorney in Israel, since Bogin obtained her B. Bogin received her M. Hedva Schickler obtained B. Her thesis research was in the field of plant photosynthesis, focusing on characterization of proton transport through the thylakoid membrane.

She proceeded to a second Post-Doctoral term in the laboratory of Prof. Chet, at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, focusing on biological control by fungi and bacteria. Schvartz obtained her B. Eli Hazum, her thesis research being on the receptors of gonadotropin-releasing hormone.

Schvartz published over twenty original research papers and supervised graduate students. After ten years at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Dr. Schvartz switched to the field of intellectual property.

Schvartz has been a Registered Patent Attorney in Israel since Sharon Ganor Sharon Ganor obtained her B. She obtained an M.


Her thesis research focused on the regulation of immune cell interactions with extracellular matrix during inflammation. Sharon is experienced in patent drafting and prosecution across a wide range of biotechnology and pharmaceutical areas, with her main expertise in immunology-related technologies such as antibodies and vaccines, and in cell biology, molecular biology, diagnostics, gene therapy, peptides and formulations.

She also has extensive experience in the preparation of patentability, validity and freedom to operate opinions and analyses, and in patent strategy planning and portfolio management.

Silverman obtained his B. Yossi Orly in the field of Molecular Endocrinology. Silverman spent three years of postdoctoral studies as a research associate of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in the Dept. After returning to Israel, Dr.

Silverman switched to a career as a patent attorney while training with Eitan-Mehulal law group. Silverman specializes in patent drafting and prosecution in various fields of life sciences, including medical devices, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, and biomedical industry.

Silverman specializes in patentability evaluations and freedom to operate opinions in view of third party patents. Yael Webb obtained her B. She received her M.IB Biology Higher Level Lab Report Title: Investigate the effects of sodium bicarbonate and light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis of green spinach leaves through the observation of floating leaf discs.

investigation to have at least three parts: Structured, Guided, and Open Inquiry. Depending on a teacher’s syllabus, s/he may choose to do all or only parts of the investigations in scheduled lab. SENATE REPORT Realizing the Full Potential of Government-Held Spectrum to Spur Economic Growth.

Mindwar Technologies From his book, Mindwar, by known Satan worshiper and Pedophile NSA General Michael Acquino. 19 Atmospheric electromagnetic (EM) activity: The Human body communicates internally by EM and electrochemical impulses. Benzoic acid, C6H5COOH, is a colourless crystalline solid and the simplest aromatic carboxylic acid.

Benzoic acid occurs naturally free and bound as benzoic acid esters in many plant and animal species. In this lab the group placed leaf disks into different cups of water based solution and used different amounts of light to test the rate of photosynthesis.

Adi lab investigation photosynthesis

The group knows that if the solution has bicarbonate ions and enough light, the leaf disks will produce sugars and oxygen through the process of photosynthesis, allowing the leaf disks to rise.

The key concept for this investigation is that plants use carbon dioxide, water and sunlight to make glucose, oxygen and water during the process of photosynthesis. Vocabulary words to be reviewed/learned during this lab are photosynthesis, carbon dioxide (CO2), autotroph, producer, elodea, flask, bromthymol blue and indicator solution.

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