B tech essay

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B tech essay

B tech essay

Jennifer Valles Computer has always been the first choice for my career. I am interested in the systems analysis and design. I want to learn the prevailing concepts as well as enhance them to cop with the changing programming paradigm.

I am very much interested in CASE tools, its construction and deployment to provide the software solution B tech essay end user as well the intermediate developers in easier and cost effective way. I believe project management matters more then simply designing and coding.

I want to learn in-depth aspects of computer project management and supervision which will be very fruitful in my coming days. Apart from this system analysis and design, I have keen interest on the networking as well as database.

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I have taken CCNA course of hours. There I have learned fundamental as well as some advanced aspects of routing and protocols. In addition to that, I got familiarized with the working of switched, hub, router, gateway, VLANs etc.

As the course was practical oriented, I did not get much theoretical background. I want to blend my practical capabilities with the theoretical aspects by studying networking there at Reading College. I also want to study the web based management system in conjunction with the database management system for the development of web based database system.

I found that the content of the computing BTEC course is designed is such a way to match the interest of the student like me.

Therefore, I have chosen to study in Reading College. I believe, my study at Reading College will not only widen my view on the current technology but also help me to grow in the ever changing environment of information technology.

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B tech essay

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