Challenges faced in workforce diversity by hr

But doing so could mean audits, lawsuits, and possibly even the demise of your company.

Challenges faced in workforce diversity by hr

The world of work is evolving every year, and so is the HR landscape. We have issues trying to get people who have language capabilities and who are open to learning beyond their degree and who put in effort to learn beyond what they have already learnt.

They also have to be able to adapt to different cultures and environments. She added that in an expanding business like Tan Chong Group, it is necessary to post people to different areas.

Adding value to the business through work-life balance Another way HR can help retain people and add value to the business is to provide them with a good environment to work in. To me it is important that HR should add value to the business in the sense that we should look into not just management, but also look into taking care of our employees especially work life balance.

I think this is part of retention to me. If you want to retain people, I think you have to have a good environment to work in. Unless there is an issue where the employee takes it for granted — and it will happen; that is when HR will step in to take necessary action, or rather to have a conversation with the employee and see how serious it is.

If it affects their performance, I think the necessary steps will have to be implemented. So flexi timings help allows them to avoid this morning rush when they send their children to school in the mornings.

It also gives them the choice to pick up their children after school. As a result of this, they actually value the company more. It also helps them see the value in life. The top 5 challenges employee mobility is likely to face in 3. Leveraging on digital technologies Olivier Blum, chief human resources officer, and executive vice president, at Schneider Electric, believes that digital technologies not only transforms businesses, but also the HR function.

This is one of the biggest transformations at Schneider Electric, that we already have in place. Digital has allowed us to perform many talent and project management processes more efficiently.

For example, the use of HR systems that can help manage digital expenses for employees, as well as improving the organisation of performance management and feedback.

Challenges faced in workforce diversity by hr

The company has also invested in data and smart analytics to anticipate and make decisions in areas of strategic talent management and will be starting a pilot with artificial intelligence AI for recruitment where AI will be used to do the initial screening of candidates.

Sharing the reason behind the pilot, Blum said: We see opportunities for technology to help us with this. So we are committed to developing the most diverse mix of talent by gender, ethnicity, culture, geography, experiences, personality and so on.

As a consumer products company, the more we reflect and mirror the consumers we serve, the better equipped we are. Hence the company believes in gender equality — with equal voice and equal representation. We hire men and women equally at entry level.

We provide equal pay, equal benefits and flexible work arrangements.PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL. – July 28, - The National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE) is pleased to announce the names of the two candidates who have been selected to participate in NADOHE's Chief Diversity Officer Fellows Program (CDOFP) for .

SHE LEADS SUMMIT The annual women’s leadership summit - ‘She Leads’ is a signature program of International Business Intelligence aiming at promoting women’s personal & professional development and advancement. Diveristy is a prominent challenge facing businesses today.

Most employers are aware that diveristy in the workplace is important, yet many don’t realize that their workforce isn’t as diverse as they believe it to be – or as diverse as it could be. Congratulations to Lars Schmidt and Ambrosia Vertesi on the continued growth of #HROS and the value it continues to provide to the community and also to George LaRocque for what is an absorbing report (Download the report here)..

Now on with this month’s countdown: 1. PATRICK COOLEN & FRANK VAN DEN BRINK – HR is hitting a . IBM expanded minority markets dramatically by promoting diversity in its own workforce.

The result: a virtuous circle of growth and progress. IBM expanded minority markets dramatically by promoting diversity in its own workforce. The result: a virtuous circle of growth and progress.

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