Daily writing activities for first grade

This eliminates time you would have to spend at the copy machine. All of the prompts can easily be printed as well. Be sure to look over the different options we provide you for printing. You will find that our prompts are written for different grade levels.

Daily writing activities for first grade

This allows my students to use their resources when writing. Changing things up I love to make my writing center come to life. Target is my best friend when it comes to doing things like this.

During the month of December, I put a mail box at my writing center so my students could write notes to Santa. Oh my goodness was this a hit! I also added ornaments with writing prompts written on them. In the gift baggies my students found our vocabulary cards for the month.

These cards not only inspire my young writers, but it also helps them spell the word they want to write correctly. Another thing that made my writing center really come to life were my write and wipe pages.

These Write and Wipe pages are available in my store here: What do my students write in? However, the one that really works for me is binders. I like using binders because it is a great way for me and my students to observe the growth they are making in writing.

I simply print them out every month and have my students put them in their writing binders. My students put them in so they know where they are! These students are busy working on writing at their desks in their binders.

During work on writing my students are free to write about whatever they want to.

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This boy was writing about the life cycle of an apple. Another reason why I love to use binders is because I dictate how BIG or small the lines are that students are writing on.

As you can see from above, this student still needs lots of practice with handwriting and keeping his letters in the correct part of the lines.

While I do teach handwriting, I also use word work to practice that skill. That same child from above completed these hand writing cards a month later during word work. His handwriting got better and better with practice! Just like the sisters, I introduce word work last.

However, word work looks a little different in my class. Therefore, most of the time, word work in my class is done during our center times.

When I introduce my centers I use these posters. We discuss what our center time should LOOK like.

A Day in First Grade | When To Launch The Next Daily 5 {with a focus on work on writing}

During my literacy centers my students will work on anything from matching rhyming words, putting poems in order, practicing handwriting, sorting by vowel sound, sorting phonics sounds, spelling word families etc.

I typically have 4 centers and my students go to one a week.In first grade I found that my kids still struggle with the concepts of “weather” and “temperature.”I was so excited because the other day as I was strolling through pinterest, I found the cutest pin to help with this!!

I had my doubts on how students would react to working in a math journal daily. I knew the daily activities I provided would have to appeal to them.

daily writing activities for first grade

If you’re a teacher, there’s a good chance you’ve got a Word Wall in your room {either by desire ordemand}.9 times out of 10, the Word Wall you spent hours . Daily 6-Trait Writing, Grade 3 [Evan Moor] on timberdesignmag.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Give your third-graders the fun and focused writing practice they need to become strong and successful writers. The engaging. Multi-Grade Worksheets to Encourage Thinking and Writing. Welcome to timberdesignmag.com This particular page is unique because it features a number of worksheets appropriate for a variety of age groups.

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Daily Writing Prompts