End of white america 2 essay

In order to sift through the many layers of prejudice that Lee exposes in her novel, the reader needs to understand the complex history of race relations in the South.

End of white america 2 essay

The war brought the return of prosperity, and in the postwar period the United States consolidated its position as the world's richest country. More and more Americans now considered themselves part of the middle class.

The growth had different sources. The automobile industry was partially responsible, as the number of automobiles produced annually quadrupled between and A housing boom, stimulated in part by easily affordable mortgages for returning servicemen, fueled the expansion.

The rise in defense spending as the Cold War escalated also played a part. After the major corporations in America grew even larger. There had been earlier waves of mergers in the s and in the s; in the s another wave occurred. New conglomerates -- firms with holdings in a variety of industries -- led the way.

Smaller franchise operations like McDonald's fast-food restaurants provided still another pattern. Large corporations also developed holdings overseas, where labor costs were often lower.

Workers found their own lives changing as industrial America changed. Fewer workers produced goods; more provided services.

By a majority held white-collar jobs, working as corporate managers, teachers, salespersons and office employees. Some firms granted a guaranteed annual wage, long-term employment contracts and other benefits. With such changes, labor militancy was undermined and some class distinctions began to fade.

RACE - The Power of an Illusion . For Teachers | PBS TotalInMassachusetts became the first colony to authorize slavery through enacted law.
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Farmers, on the other hand, faced tough times. Gains in productivity led to agricultural consolidation, as farming became a big business. Family farms, in turn, found it difficult to compete, and more and more farmers left the land. Other Americans moved too. In the postwar period the West and the Southwest continued to grow -- a trend that would continue through the end of the century.

By California had more people than New York. An even more important form of movement led Americans out of inner cities into new suburbs, where they hoped to find affordable housing for the larger families spawned by the postwar baby boom.

Developers like William J. Levitt built new communities -- with homes that all looked alike -- using the techniques of mass production.The author of The End of White Christian America, Robert P Jones, says it is “remarkable how fast” the trend is moving.

In , white Christians were still 50% of the population, so that. By the end of the war from 5, to 8, blacks had served the American cause in some capacity, either on the battlefield, behind the lines in noncombatant roles, or on the seas. By some states began enacting laws that encouraged white owners to give slaves for the army in return for their enlistment bounty, or allowing masters to use.

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End of white america 2 essay

The American Civil War in An Introduction to the Sexism in the Indian, White and African American Culture. words. Apr 30,  · As President Obama gets set to leave office, take a look back at one of his most memorable moments when he didn't hold back in his final speech at the White .

America's strong racism led them to believe that Filipinos were "savage" and that it was an American duty, as a superior race, to take over the Philippians, for their own good. The Constitution of the United States of America is the supreme law of the United States.

Empowered with the sovereign authority of the people by the framers and the consent of the legislatures of.

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