Ethical issues in the fashion industry essay

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Ethical issues in the fashion industry essay

My research however became very interesting and I discovered things that were completely wrong and unexpected. Copyright of Jessica Clarke The purpose of this essay is to discuss and examine the issue of ethical fashion; what it is, how it is achieved, its positives, negatives and rarity.

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All of my information has been sourced reliably and can be backed up with evidence see following figures. All opinions expressed are personal unless otherwise stated. I am aiming to show two sides to the argument regarding whether fair, ethical fashion is a household necessity or is a personal choice; especially with regards to the current economic climate.

Ethical fashion is defined as: An approach to the design, sourcing and manufacture of clothing which is both socially and environmentally conscious.

Sustainable fashion — using more environmentally-friendly materials and methods in clothing production — is part of this larger trend. Ethics itself is defined as: Ethical fashion is widely known as purchasing clothes that are guilt free.

In order to have a clean conscience in the sense of fashion are your garments; sourced from fair, equal and safe production lines, made up from animal free and ecological friendly fabrics.

A massive talking point of ethical fashion at the moment is the fur trade. The fur trade is a worldwide industry that deals with the sourcing and sale of animal fur. Today the importance of the fur trade has changed. Rather than needing fur for warmth to survive, nowadays fur is demanded to make a fashion statement and is commonly recognised as a couture material.

The reality however is, fur is being produced cheaper than ever and is more than easy to get hold of; which in my opinion should lesser its value.

All animal right organisations oppose the fur trade- especially the way it is carried out to the current day. More than 50 million animals are violently killed for use in fashion every year; an unimaginable number that can only be achieved through quick thoughtless methods such as gassing, electrocution, and neck breaking.

Many animals are still alive while they are skinned and break limbs trying to escape. An example of a designer that is against the fur trade is Stella McCartney who was brought up as a vegetarian on an organic farm in the English countryside.

Stella is very ethical in her production of garments and is often seen campaigning for change in the fashion industry. Some people argue that using the fur of animals is economical but in fact the fur is not a by-product of the meat industry. Therefore the industry produces a lot of waste; corpses are left to rot which also makes the conditions for employees unbearable.

Alternatives to achieving the fur have been suggested. Such as stunning animals before skinning them, or injecting them so they feel less pain. But ultimately, this industry aims to produce quickly and cheaply as it takes more than one animal to make a garment.

Personally, I think that killing animals for fur is no different to killing them for meat.

Ethical issues in the fashion industry essay

So I believe it would be hypocritical to say that the whole industry should be abolished. Instead, the animals should be treated with more respect; raised in better conditions and killed before being skinned so they feel no pain. Also the parts of the animals not used should be given to the employees to take home for their own consumption, seeing as many of them live below the poverty line.

This way the industry is far more ethical and I also think it would boost the worth of fur. The work may be difficult, dangerous or be paid a wage that is not equal.

Sweatshops are also sometimes associated in human trafficking when workers have been tricked into working without informed consent, or when workers are kept at work through physically jailing them in to the workplace.

Chinese sweatshops are known to have many suicidal employees, so the workshops are covered in suicide nets to stop over-worked and stressed employees leaping to their deaths.

They have existed for most of time.

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Many workplaces through history have been crowded, dangerous, low-paying and without job security. It was a very normal concept of work until some of the earliest sweatshop critics were found in the 19th century calling for the original slavery laws set out between and to include other forms of harsh labour, including sweatshops.

In the United Kingdom the first significant law to address sweatshops the Factory Act of was passed at the same time that the slave trade and ownership of slaves were made illegal. Sweatshops are a difficult issue to resolve because they are based in developing countries like India, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Honduras.

These countries encourage the outsourcing of work from the developed western world to times bring some form of wealth to impoverished countries where people struggle to provide for their families.

So regardless of labour concerns, low wages are preferred to none at all in these areas. The main problems with sweatshops are:The fashion business is plagued with ethical issues ranging from body image to manufacturing processes.

The top ten ethical issues are the subject of conversation and hopefully future change in. Ethical Issues in Clothing Industry Business, Research Papers Views Today, the most significant concerns in the highly globalized fashion industry are ethical and sustainable business practices.

Ethical issues in the fashion industry essay

Ethical Issues in the Fashion Industry The fashion show,a key tool to making designers collections accessible to its consumer, will be the main focus of this essay. We shall define fashion promotion before looking at how the catwalk sits under this title. A brief history of the fashion show shall lead us into the present day, where we shall.

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