Felted wool sweater projects

These no-sew felted wool Christmas trees use up even smaller sweater scraps.

Felted wool sweater projects

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Put your sweater inside the pillowcase and close the pillowcase with the rubber band. If you are felting more than one sweater, put each sweater in its own pillowcase.

This will prevent damage to your machine since the fibers could clog it. Place the pillowcases in the washing machine. Add jeans to the load. The jeans will increase agitation and will speed up the felting process.


You can use towels instead of or in addition to jeans, but beware of lint! Sweaters will pick up lint from the towels, so always wash sweaters in a pillowcase. Use hot water to wash the load. Too much water will cause the sweater s to float, which will hinder the felting process. Less water means more agitation, so make sure you select an appropriate load size.

Add a very small amount of detergent—less than half of what you would normally use for that load size. While detergent is not necessary for the felting process, a little soap will help things along. Too much soap will prevent the felting process, so only use a little bit.

Upcycle Sweaters Into A Gorgeous DIY Felt Rug

After the cycle is finished, remove sweaters from pillowcases. You can lay them flat to dry or place them in the dryer. Crafting in a jiffy?

Dry your sweaters in the dryer on high heat, but know that this will continue the felting process. Therefore it is likely that you will get wrinkles in your garment. Sometimes you can remove wrinkles by spritzing the sweater with water and then pressing with an iron.

Felted wool sweater projects

To prevent getting wrinkles or creases, remove sweater from washer before the spin cycle, roll it between towels to remove excess water, and let it air dry. If your sweater shrank, but you can still see the strands of yarn, then it is partially felted.

A partially felted sweater is fine for making mittens, but may not be suitable for other craft projects.

If you want to felt the sweater further, run it through the washing machine again. If you have a top-loading machine, you can check on the sweater before the spin cycle.

If it still needs to be felted more, restart the wash cycle. Use your new piece of felt to make whatever you like!

Click here to learn how to make a pair of mittens from your felted sweater. Hungry for more felting goodness? Check out this Needle Felting article.Wash a wool sweater in the washing machine and you’ll see it shrink to child-sized. This, my adult-sized friends, is called felting.

Agitating wool in water causes the fibers to bind onto each other and shrink. Find great deals on eBay for felted wool projects. Shop with confidence. Projects that use Felt from Wool Sweaters I love to make things out of felted sweaters, so I was really happy to see these projects in the latest issue of Marie Claire Idees.

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But I have way too many unfinished projects . Make a Felted Sweater Tote. Sweater totes make a great gift or donation to a community fund-raiser. Use the carryalls for light shopping, as a second handbag, or to stash a knitting project.

As well as the sweaters I had felted I added strips of felt from my bag of scraps to this pile. Note you can make the strips thinner or wider, but whatever size you choose that will be the thickness of your rug.

Step 1: I went to the thrift store and searched for wool. % wool is the best choice, but there are other considerations when shopping for sweaters to felt. Each type of yarn, wool, and knit pattern will respond to the felting process differently.

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