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Project reality mumble

These are careers they are familiar with; they encounter these careers in their own lives. They have teachers growing up and see their doctors for checkups, but do they really know what is involved in pursuing these careers? Do they know what type of degree they need or how many years of college are required?

Project reality mumble

Do they know what an average day in this profession is like? If more students were given the opportunity to explore career paths in middle school and high school, they might be more motivated to work hard in school to get into a good college.

Others might decide to look for an internship or apprenticeship to learn a trade while still in high school. There are 3 categories of videos on the site: Global View, and 3. Career Exploration Step 1: First students have to be exposed to the wide range of careers available to them.

How would they feel about making a living as an organic farmer, tupperware executive director, chef or nasa engineer? To do this you can have your students watch the videos on the Next Vista site and discuss them in class.

I designed discussion topics on my Collaborize Classroom site so students could watch a different career video each week and discuss whether this career interests them or not.

For more career spotlight discussion topics, you can access them all HERE. Students can ask questions and share personal stories about people they know who work in a related field.

Once students have viewed a variety of career videos, ask them to research a career that interests them. During their research, they should generate a list of questions they have about this career.

Project reality mumble

These questions will be used in their interviews. Interview a person in this profession. Students should use the questions they generated during their research to interview a person in their chosen career.

Career Exploration Project: Get Students Thinking About Life After School |

The iPadio app lets them record up to 60 minutes of audio, which can be translated to text or shared on a website. Observe for a day. This gives them a chance to truly experience a typical day, take pictures if possibleask questions and learn more about the day-to-day realities of this job.

Once students have completed research, conducted a formal interview and shadowed a person in this field, this project culminates in a multimedia presentation where they share their findings with their peers. Students can create their own videos about this profession, which in turn can be submitted to Next Vista where other students can learn from their work.

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For more information about guidelines for submitting videos to Next Vista, click here. Wix flash templates are customizable and free.Mumble is an open source voice communication application that features a customizable in game overlay, application skins, conversation recording, and advanced voice activity detection.

After downloading, you can view our guides on how to install and uninstall Mumble. Jul 08,  · Project Reality is a combined arms First Person Shooter which is based around realism and teamwork oriented gameplay, it's a stand-alone total conversion modification for Battlefield timberdesignmag.coming System: PC.

This is a question everyone has been asked at one point in their lives. When I ask my students this question, most stare at me with a blank expression or mumble “Uh, I don’t know.” When pushed, some will say doctor, lawyer, fire fighter, or teacher.

These are careers they are familiar with. Dec 07,  · Some days ago me and some friends started to play project reality with mumble and we thought it was an awesome system they had which was that if you were in lets say channel 1 you could talk to channel 2 with a certain bind. is owned and operated by LightSpeed Gaming, LLC and is not affiliated with the Mumble Project. is owned and operated by LightSpeed Gaming, LLC and is not affiliated with the Mumble Project.

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