Rendla writing a letter

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Rendla writing a letter

Perfect for ages kids 6 to Includes an introduction by Francine for adults and a letter from Shannon to young readers. Discussion points help readers discover the importance of following the positive role models and not following the negative ones.

Customer Book Reviews Disjointed and Unsuitable By Evan Getz on Nov 11, My daughter recently received this book as a gift and was excited to read these stories with me. When I sat down and read with her, I was disturbed by the way some of these stories were told.

The authors try to select stories other than those usually included in collections of Bible stories for children, which is a fine goal but very poorly realized in this case.

First, these stories are disjointed. In each selection, there is very little sense of a story--it's as if the authors wanted more to make an interesting even shocking story than one that is successful simply by virtue of its use of plot, tension, and compelling characters. Also, the details the authors use to flesh out the Bible stories were sometimes unsuitable for children.

For instance, the story of Zacharias rendla writing a letter Elizabeth contains lots of extras obviously meant to elaborate upon the skeletal biblical account of the couple's relationship. The authors write that after Zacharias gestures to Elizabeth what the angel told him, then "That night Elizabeth and Zechariah slept together and a baby began to form inside Elizabeth's body.

And children who have not yet been informed about the details of conception are likely to be confused by this story. Obviously, the Bible contains lots of details inappropriate for children, and this book seems to seek opportunities to introduce "growing kids" to these details. Sorry, but I think "growing kids" should be introduced to more complex thoughts regarding salvation, the Incarnation, and the goodness of God rather than incidents of rape, murder, and sexual intercourse all of which are mentioned at least once in this book.

If parents choose to read this book to their children, they should edit it as they read, but it's really not a good book to read in a church or school setting. Patterson on Apr 20, While there are many more stories to tell from the Bible than the ones that are typically included in children's books, this selection was at times shocking.

I also understand that there are many instances in the Bible of horrible atrocities with lessons to be learned from an adult perspective. However I wouldn't enjoy explaining these to my 6 year old. Several stories, in my opinion, were not suitable for my children to hear.

rendla writing a letter

The stories of Hagar, Dinah, and Lot stand out, with semi graphic depictions of brutality, murder, and rape. Reading these would undoubtedly lead to questions from my daughter that at this point I shouldn't need to answer.

Harsh voice, strange content By Readerme on Sep 21, I was delighted to get this for my kids to hear. Unfortunately, Shannon's voice is extremely harsh, so it was difficult to listen to.

She sounds angry, mean, and harsh. Her enunciation is too rigid, with odd consonants being emphasized, making it have a grating sound quality. Also, the content does not seem to be picked for children.

While I agree that the whole of Scripture should be taught and instilled in our children, the stories seemed inappropriate. Overall, this was a strange combination and I would not recommend it.


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rendla writing a letter

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Listen and Obey by AlwaysLove Listen and Obey crying as I pointed the gun at her and she started screaming as I changed the aim real fast and shot her boyfriend Rendla in the chest and head. And put it in a box with a letter in it and sent it to my brother.

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