S606a navigationssystem business plan

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S606a navigationssystem business plan

s606a navigationssystem business plan

Wed 9 Aug I only plan to use the car for 3 years as i am already buying 4 to 5 year old car and with 40k mileage on it and i will add another 60k in 3 years and once its over k i wouldnt keep it longer.

I get more than the 'combined' mpg figure in my Mazda3 1. Anyway, best to go with the good advice from SLO76 and Avant - your 20k miles a year would normally be on the cusp of the changeover from petrol to diesel engined cars, but given you've indicated most of your journeys will be on fast-moving roads, then looking at some diesels those that are more reliable as well as comfortable and value for money [but still visually appealing] may be worth a look.

Just avoid the Ford-PSA 'diesel-of-doom' 1. I know the Mazda 2.

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The problem you'll find looking at used diesels in particular is that you can't always tell if the car has been used for short trips a lot, even if the mileage is low this could easily have been due it being driven less often but on longer trips, giving the car a chance to fully warm up and burn off all the nasty soot etc from the system.bmw sport.

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