The lifo method essay

Even though tax effect is one of the reasons for the switch, various researchers have found more reasons for the switch from one to another such as agency theory, bookkeeping and related costs etc. This section will describe the incentives that play a role in deciding which method to use for valuation purposes. As observed earlier in the paper, inventory method influences the net income reported through the costs of goods sold. In periods of inflation, LIFO produces higher cost of goods sold and thus lower net income.

The lifo method essay

May 1, by Brittani Sponaugle Managing a business can be difficult. With our Managerial Accounting course, you can build a solid foundation of financial standards and accounting methods to implement at your business. Likewise, the contrary can be true.

What is cost accounting? This is why cost accounting is also referred to as managerial accounting.

LIFO Liquidation

The information obtained in this sector of accounting is used to create management plans and manage inventory cost, or material flow cost. There are two techniques of inventory valuation: For more about cost classification, cost behavior and cost coding check out an Introduction to Bookkeeping.

FIFO The first in first out method of inventory management explains the order in which inventory is purchased and then sold. When a business utilizes the FIFO method, they sell the products that they received first before selling the products they received last.

For example, when you go grocery shopping you may notice that perishable goods, like milk, have expiration or sell by dates on them. All grocery stores apply the FIFO inventory management method to overseeing their goods. This happens because the milk with the earlier expiration date was bought by the grocery store earlier than the milk behind it with the later dates.

Hence, the goods first in, or bought, by the grocery store are the first out. It would be impractical to try and sell the newly received milk before the older received milk as the first bought milk supply could expire and the milk would be spoiled.

Then the inventory manager would have to record the loss and the store would lose money. So why would other stores use this method? In the course Accounting in 60 Minutes you can learn more about inventory flow and management accounting. When a company uses FIFO they are less likely to incur old and outdated inventory that can no longer be sold.

Because FIFO makes sure that the oldest items in stock are used or sold before they are deemed obsolete companies can save money. So now you can sell the batch from May for the current inflated market price which reduces the impact of inflation on the company.

With cost accounting comes a lot of financial recording. When companies use FIFO they will constantly have an updated reflection of the current market prices for the items in their inventory.

This happens as older products are taken from the inventory stock to be sold, the newer inventory is left on the books for the end of the month.

The lifo method essay

This way, your balance sheet is always showing current market prices. It is the most widely accepted way for inventory management. With the advantages do come some disadvantages. However, even these disadvantages beat the advantages of using the LIFO method.

I think one of the biggest disadvantages to FIFO is the inconsistent prices given to clients. Repeat clients may find this challenging at times but they should also understand the ebb and flow of the market.

The second disadvantage would be clerical errors. When inventory prices are always in flux it can become cumbersome to correctly record cost of goods, selling price of goods and any discrepancy that may occur because of rising or falling market prices.

With last in first out, the last batch of goods purchased is the first batch of goods being sold so the likelihood of a price change is low. However, LIFO has many cost layers and can become quite confusing to record correctly.

There is more to this but see LIFO disadvantages below. LIFO The last in first out method may seem counter-intuitive to some. And for most, it is.

Last in first out is the opposite of FIFO in that the last items acquired by the business are the first ones sold. Most businesses could never implement LIFO because they would lose out on money due to spoiled goods and would experience lower profitability.

However, there can also be tax liabilities. The advantages of LIFO are also its disadvantages as the only real purpose of instituting LIFO is to avoid paying higher taxes but this means profits are generally lower. Cost layers are a way to keep track of the inventory, purchasing expenses and profits.

This would be the first and only layer known as the base layer of LIFO. However, you still have the 25 items purchased in in stock.Taveras had used the LIFO method for financial reporting since its inception on January 1, , and had maintained records adequate to apply the FIFO method retrospectively.

Prepare comparative retained earnings statements for and under FIFO. Custom Admission Essay that has been written by qualified professional English writers. LIFO Inventory Method. The LIFO inventory method assumes the last items acquired are the first sold.

And the first items acquired remain in inventory. Using LIFO can have tax advantages.

The lifo method essay

Since prices typically rise over time, the most recent inventory acquired is the most expensive. Estimate the and ending inventory and cost of goods sold using the dollar-value LIFO retail inventory method.

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Aber Company manufactures one product Aber Company manufactures one product. On December 31, , Aber adopted t he dollar-value LIFO inventory method.

The inventory on that date using the dollar-value LIFO inventory method was $, Inventory data are as follows. Lifo vs. Fifo University of Phoenix QRB/ Vladimir Crk July 26, Some companies may present their financial statements utilizing the last in, first out (LIFO) valuation technique or the first in, first out (FIFO) method.

Free Essays on Lifo for students. Use our papers to help you with yours 1 - PaperCamp: its inventory method from FIFO to LIFO. The LIFO method was determined to be preferable.

and class, Changing from FIFO to LIFO is a voluntary change in accounting One of the systems is the Last In First Out (LIFO). What this system is is the.

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