Top gear and shell

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Top gear and shell

Top gear and shell

Custom outdoor installation for Shell at Top Gear Festival In we created a converted shipping container exhibit that was the premium exhibit at the Top Gear Festival held in sunny Durban in South Africa. So the challenge for was to ensure that we created a bigger, better brand experience for the visitors to the Top Gear event.

This year we had a 20m x 20m open air space.

Top gear and shell

Elements of where re-used and then we added even more experiential modules. Media interest was massive.

Performance fuel sponsor for Top Gear Festival Durban | Shell South Africa

Key areas included 1. The LBR dome structure was created by in2structures. This structure created the housing for the Cruden Hexathrill simulator. It is the worlds only 6 motion base simulator and this alone created a ton of interest. Both Ferrari Store and Vida ran queues all day, every day. Hugely successful for both retailers.

The shipping containers created the action zone within which were the F1 racing sims.

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Other areas were a large skalektrix set for the kids, a F1 wheel change challenge area The exhibit had a defined entry and exit point, which allowed the client to create a database of visitors and also allowed for the control of the large number of people that accessed the exhibit.

Over persons were registered in 2 days.Jeremy first said it in Series 5 Episode 5, after he did a 9min 59sec lap around the Nurburgring in a Jaguar S-Class Diesel.

He was then beaten by Sabine Schmitz, who did a . Gamebreaker produces soft shell protective sports headgear, perfect for protecting athletes of all sports from the effects of impacts and collisions!

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Hard Shell, Soft Top: iKamper Unveils X-Cover Rooftop Tent With Gear Rack. which creates a solid space for a top-loading gear rack, that makes iKamper’s X-Cover so sexy. Oh, and that. guests of Shell and Ferrari. Both com-petition and microsite were written up in Top Gear’s bi-weekly e-newsletter to , fans, while online display ads on helped point users to the microsite.

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Customers using Shell’s standard products, such as Shell Omala S2 G, are extending oil-drain intervals by up to % for some applications. Customers are trading up to synthetic oils, such as Shell Omala S4 GX, for even longer oil life and other benefits.

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