Write a 350 to 700 word paper summarizing information on juvenile corrections and community based tr

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Write a 350 to 700 word paper summarizing information on juvenile corrections and community based tr

The Scope of Medieval Political Philosophy

Address the following in your paper: Post to the Assignment Section. DQ 1 — Should police officers be required to secure a certain number of hours of ethics training each year? Explain why or why not.

If such training is needed, what components should it include? What about lawyers, judges, and correctional officers?

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DQ 2- If you had to choose one ethical system, deontological or utilitarian, which one most closely conforms to your own beliefs? DQ 1 -If a young boy, upset over a lost bicycle, approaches two police officers during their dinner, what is the ethical thing to do?

Should they immediately interrupt their dinner and search for the missing bicycle? Should they take a report to make the boy feel better, knowing they will not or cannot do anything about it?

Should they tell the boy to go away because they have had a hard night and are looking forward to a hot meal? Does it make a difference if police officers are not paid for their dinner hour?

DQ 2 -If police encounter travelers who have been robbed during their passage through the city, should they leave the victims on the street to fend for themselves? Should the police take the travelers to a mission? Should the police take up a collection to help them on their way?

The Rampart Scandal stemmed from the unethical actions of a rogue group of officers, but had far reaching implications ultimately resulting in the oversight of the Los Angeles Police Department LAPD by the Federal Government for a 5-year period by court order.

Honest and ethical officers at the LAPD must still labor under the aspersions cast by this scandal. Research this scandal and summarize the following: Why did he come forward? What ends were actually achieved?

In your opinion, were the implemented changes successful, in terms of the image projected by the department?

What might you recommend to help improve on the image of the LAPD? Unlike most of the other participants in the criminal justice system, defense attorneys often are accused of unethical behavior simply for agreeing to represent an accused individual or for winning a trial.

On the other hand, when they neglect their duties and a criminal defendant is wrongfully convicted or receives a harsher sentence than typical, the public is quick to look the other direction.

Research the role and duties of the criminal defense attorney, and summarize the following: It is the duty of the prosecutor to seek justice and not necessarily a conviction. Does the adversarial system of justice interfere with this duty? Research the role and duties of a criminal prosecutor and summarize the following: What considerations should be excluded from this exercise of discretion?

Do the ends justify the means in the examples provided? Correctional officers are often referred to as the other inmates, because as the officers are in the facility working, they may begin to feel like they are inmates just like the convicts.

Research the role, duties, and subculture of correctional officers, and summarize the following: To what do you attribute these violations: How might these violations be deterred or prevented in an actual correctional facility?

How might you use this information to encourage and reward whistle blowing by actual correctional officers? Moreover, if inmates complain, they are often not believed or they are ignored.Assignment: Corrections and Treatment · Write a to word paper summarizing information on juvenile corrections and community-based treatment programs.

Include the following in your paper. Question Write a to word paper summarizing information on juvenile corrections and community-based treatment programs.

Write a 350 to 700 word paper summarizing information on juvenile corrections and community based tr

Include the following in your paper: Community-based treatment Describe two or three community-based treatment efforts. Briefly explain the purpose and importance of these treatment efforts.

The court system. I need to write a word paper comparing the entertainment fiction of the court system with its reality. Describe the fictional portrayals of the courtroom including the trial process, the roles of the prosecution and defense, the roles of the courtroom.

For more course tutorials visit timberdesignmag.com Let's share with each other some examples of conflict situations that you have witnessed in the workplace. Please use positions and titles rather than names of specific individuals. What kind of conflicts are these examples, and how did the conflicts.

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§ Local Ordinance Citations Law students, charged with identifying subjects on which computer-based materials would be particularly helpful, placed citation at the top of the list. With their assistance I prepared the first edition of Introduction to Basic Legal Citation.

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